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“Don’t cry so, aunt; don’t fret,” whispered Maggie,

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"I scarcely know where to begin," she then said; "for here I am, come to consult you on a subject which you may think beneath your notice; you are superior to such trifling matters," she said, smiling--and then added: "But seriously, I have too much confidence in your judgment and good sense, to wish to act without your approbation."

“Don’t cry so, aunt; don’t fret,” whispered Maggie,

"What is the point upon which I am to decide?--for you have not yet told me anything."

“Don’t cry so, aunt; don’t fret,” whispered Maggie,

"It is a subject upon which I have been thinking for some time--several months. What should you say to my marrying again?" asked Mrs. Wyllys stoutly.

“Don’t cry so, aunt; don’t fret,” whispered Maggie,

Miss Agnes was amazed. She had known her sister-in-law, when some years younger, refuse more than one good offer; and had never for a moment doubted her intention to remain a widow for life.

"You surprise me, Harriet," she said; "I had no idea you thought of marrying again."

"Certainly, I never thought of taking such a step until quite lately."

"And who is the gentleman?" asked Miss Agnes, in some anxiety.

"I know you will at least agree with me, in thinking that I have made a prudent choice. The welfare of my children is indeed my chief consideration. I find, Agnes, that they require a stronger hand than mine to manage them. Long before Evert went to sea, he was completely his own master; there were only two persons who had any influence over him, one is his grandfather, the other, a gentleman who will, I suppose, before long, become nearly connected with him. I frankly acknowledge that I have no control over him myself; it is a mortifying fact to confess, but my system of education, though an excellent one in theory, has not succeeded in practice."

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